Dimitri Atanassov Work Shop Violin 2018

Dimitri Atanassov Work Shop Violin 2018


This Violin made by Dimitri Atanassov's Work Shop in Cremona

  • 規格 Standards

    - 提琴尺寸 Violin size: 4/4

    - 琴身顏色 Body color: 仿古 antiqued paint

    - 主體成色 Polished paint: 全手工仿古塗飾 Full hand-applied antiqued paint

    - 上端Top: 進口自然風乾德國雲杉木 naturally drying imported Germany Spruce

    - 後側Back: 進口自然風乾羅馬尼亞/加拿大楓木 naturally drying imported Romania/Canada Maple

    - 側邊Ribs: 進口自然風乾羅馬尼亞/加拿大楓木 naturally drying imported Romania/Canada Maple

    - 琴頸Neck: 進口自然風乾羅馬尼亞/加拿大楓木 naturally drying imported Romania/Canada Maple

    - 指板Fingerboard: 上等烏木Superior Ebony

  • 零件Fittings

    - 琴橋Bridge: Aubert Lutherie France luxe (Made in France)

    - 琴絃紐Pegs: 高級烏木Superior Ebony

    - 拉絃板Tailpiece: 高級棗木Superior Jujube wood/高級烏木Superior Ebony

    - 下巴墊Chinrest: 高級烏木Superior Ebony

    - 弦Strings: Thomastik Dominant 135 B Violin Strings - Set (Made in Austria)       Larens Goldbrokat 0.26/.027 and Ball End E String (Made in Germany)

    - 微調器Fine tuner :Wittner(德國製造)(Made in Germany)



  • 配件Accessories

    - 小提琴弓Bow: 碳纖維Carbon fiber/檀木Sandalwood 
    - 琴盒Case: 高級方型琴盒 Superior oblong case

    - 松香Rosin: 奧地利進口原材料松香 Standard National Strings Rosin (with raw materials import from Austria)

    - 其他Other: 提琴專用清潔布 cleaning towel


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