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您可以在National Strings 商店以特定信用卡將款項分為3-12期




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為迎接政府的電子消費券計劃,National Strings 全面支援三大支付平台,包括 支付寶 AlipayHK 、Tap & Go 拍住賞 及 微信支付 WeChat Pay HK,為客人提供多元化選擇和優質線上線下購物體驗。

Jeremy Williams

(Violinists /Violist/Conductor) UK

.London Symphony Orchestra

.Australian String Quartet

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

National Strings is a wonderful shop, lovely large space, very close to the Diamond Hill MTR. Full of the most great equipment, cases, violins, cellos, violas, strings, all accessories you could ever want and very suitable for not only the professional but the certain students as well. So, I highly recommend it.

Professor Michael Ma

(Violinists / Educator ) Hong Kong

Strings Department Head of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art

There are plenty of new products for strings and certainly it is very comfortable place to me. The best part of course is always the friendly and youthful environment, so I had enjoyed being there. I think it’s definitely a worthy trip to go and feeling quite welcomed. I do know that two youngsters and they are definitely trustworthy, so I highly recommend strings people to check it out for yourself

Joe Kwok

(Violinists /Violist) Hong Kong

.Concertmaster of China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra

National Strings is a perfect strings instrument shop. The sincere service and professional advices by the salesmen let us feel relieved to choose the products that we need. The fine after-sales service is even our main reason to choose National Strings.

Daria Kovtunova

(Violinists) Russia

.Moscow State Symphony Orchestra

​.City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong

It is a strings instrument shop with comfortable and stylish environment. It provides a comfortable venue for customers to purchase the instruments. There are wide variety of string instruments and accessories with very reasonable prices and good quality , so we choose National Strings.



Our Story

National Strings was established in 2013, it is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of professional strings instruments in Hong Kong, providing full handmade cellos, violas and violins. We have cooperated workshops in the Europe, Italy and mainland China. From the processes of the selection of timbers, paint varnish, installation of fittings, to the colour tone control, the violin makers make the instruments precisely. We believe each instrument like human, contains unique lines, tone and personality. Players can find an instrument which fits their personality in here. We also sell various brands of strings products, including rosins, shoulder rests and accessories by Thomastik Infeld, Pirastro, Larsen, Warchal, Andrea, Gustave Bernadel Liebenzeller, Alpine Mute, Bonmusica, Bodgaro & Clemente, Melos, Wittner, W.E.Hill & Sons and more. We promise to provide instruments with excellent quality to assist beginners to grow to maturity in their learning paths, let the professional players perform more skillfully on the stages, and provide the most preferential, professional product advisory and perfect after-sales services. We offer the most guaranteed and relieved purchasing platform for the customers. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Don Wong

company founder

Violin is a humanised instrument, every violin has an unique colour tone and character. We hope customers can find their suitable instruments in our shop because we believe that every person can become musicians.

Danny Cheng

company founder

The best instruments never exist but the most suitable ones that all players look for. We hope them at all the stages can find their suitable instruments in National Strings.

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